THOUGHTCRIME Ep. 24 — DINKS and SINKS? Taylor Swift: Person of the Year?

In today’s edition of THOUGHTCRIME featuring Charlie Kirk, Jack Posobiec, Tyler Bowyer, and Blake Neff, the group debates riveting questions like:

-Why did TIME pick Taylor Swift as Person of the Year?

-What is a DINK, and is choosing to be one immoral?

-Is Florida State’s playoff snub proof that college football is ruined forever?

The Great Replacement Isn’t a Myth — It’s a Strategy – AD FREE

For decades, Democrats have banked their political future on the Great Replacement — the systematic displacement of legacy Americans with new immigrants who are more likely to vote for the left. It’s always been obvious, but only now are Republicans getting the courage to say it. Libby Emmons explains why Vivek Ramaswamy was finally able to raise this critical point, and why it drives the media regime so batty. Plus, the Charlie Kirk Show has exclusive audio exposing a Republican Congressional candidate as an anti-Trump RINO.

Hunter Biden: The Porn, The Prostitutes, The Prison Sentence – AD FREE

How America Rejected Its Founders’ Faith – AD FREE

America’s First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion, but does America even tolerate the faith of its Founding Fathers anymore? Historian Bill Federer explores the origins of America’s religious pluralism, and explains how the country was founded on a generalized Christianity, but has now become a state that tolerates virtually everything except authentic Christian belief.

America’s Never-Ending Pearl Harbor – AD FREE

Eighty-two years ago today, Japan launched an assault on the U.S. homeland at Pearl Harbor, killing 2,400 Americans and dragging the country into World War 2. But now, Pearl Harbor is literally a weekly event, as 12,000 migrants a day flood over the border bringing the fentanyl that murders 100,000 Americans a year. Rep. Andy Biggs talks about how the border calamity is becoming the ONLY issue that matters in America. Plus, Donald Trump Jr. gives an update on the endless New York civil trial, and explains why Hunter Biden shouldn’t be allowed the privilege of a public Congressional hearing about his lifetime of corruption.

How Vivek Ended Nikki Haley – AD FREE

America’s Greatest Faith-First Corporation?: A Conversation With In-N-Out’s Lynsi Snyder – AD FREE

For 75 years, In-N-Out Burger has thrived as one of America’s most beloved fast food chains…while also remaining a family company and adhering to Christian principles. How does that work? Lynsi Snyder shares with Charlie her faith journey as well as her business journey, and also gives the lowdown on In-N-Out’s famous “secret menu,” and the time some frat boys ordered a 100-patty burger.

What’s Wrong With the DINKs? – AD FREE

A specter is haunting America — the specter of DINKs. People with dual incomes, but no kids are promoting their lifestyle on TikTok, encouraging Americans to live lives of empty hedonism while becoming genetic dead ends. Charlie reacts to this disturbing fad, and also talks to Sen. Josh Hawley about the FBI’s war on Catholics, then chats with Rep. Barry Loudermilk about new evidence Fani Willis collaborated with the Biden White House to bring charges against Donald Trump

Kevin McCarthy Resigns + Why The Left Wants “Dictator Trump” – AD FREE

Three Lessons from the Book of Exodus: Charlie’s Speech to Colorado Christian Academy

How does the Book of Exodus teach us about the Covid-19 pandemic? How does a book written more than three thousand years ago have so any takeaways for the present? In his remarks to Colorado Christian Academy, Charlie explains three major lessons that all Christians can take from the Bible’s second book.