How to Kick Woke-ism Out of American Christianity — LIVE from Freedom Night 

Charlie is joined by Lucas Miles to discuss his book ‘Woke Jesus’ and the Leftist ideas that are infiltrating the Christian church. They dive into how families should navigate the sad reality facing the church today, the true definition of woke-ism, and they take audience questions.

The Failed Values System of the Left – LIVE from UCLA

Why is every radical left country such a disaster? And why do people keep embracing leftism anyway? In his speech at UCLA, Charlie explains how leftism indulges and exacerbates the worst impulses of man: Envy, resentment, and hostility towards the success of others.

What It Means to be a Man: Freedom Night in America with Sen. Josh Hawley

What’s the most important choice of Sen. Josh Hawley’s life? What are the duties of a man? How does a father raise sons to be fine men themselves? Sen. Josh Hawley comes to Dream City Church to answer those questions as he talks about his book, Manhood, the enduring truths of the Bible, and living a Christian family life in Washington D.C.

Fear Only God, Not Man: LIVE at Calvary Chapel Reno

Why did so many churches let themselves be labeled “non-essential” during Covid? Why do churches march in BLM parades and sport gay pride flags outside their doors? As Charlie explains to Calvary Church in Reno, Nevada, it’s rooted in churches that look to other men for their values, rather than the Bible as the word of God. Charlie lays out how to expel woke values from the church, through the simple mechanism of deriving values from the Bible directly, rather than warping the Bible to fit the present.

LIVE at University of Texas San Antonio

Enjoy my speech from the Live Free Tour live at University of Texas San Antonio where I answer audience questions on immigration, trans issues and more, and talk about why reaching young conservatives is so important.

LIVE at Missouri State University 

Enjoy my speech from the Live Free Tour live at Missouri State University where I speak more on Israel & Hamas, answer audience questions, and talk about why young conservatives are so important.

What Hamas Means for America: Charlie’s Speech at University of Central Florida

The horrific events in Israel aren’t just emotionally traumatic for many Americans. They have a direct bearing on America’s own policies. As Charlie explains to a packed crowd at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, the Gaza bloodbath shows the insanity of America’s approach to the border, campus extremism, and more. Then, as he takes questions from the audience, Charlie explains what he shouldn’t have to: Why Hamas is worse than the Israeli government.

The Left’s Modern Jim Crow: My Speech at San Jose State University – AD FREE

The Constitution guarantees equal protection of the laws, but just like the rest of our founding document, the left would rather ignore that. During his appearance at San Jose State University, Charlie rips into the evil of affirmative action, the left’s system that promotes victimhood, encourages fraud, and ranks people based on skin color instead of ability. Charlie also takes questions on transgenderism, the politicized targeting of politicians by the DOJ, and more.

The Left’s America: No Border, No Dollar, No God — LIVE at Harvest Church Miami 

Enjoy this episode of The Charlie Kirk Show. Charlie is live at Harvest Church in Miami, where he discusses Hamas’s attack on Israel, the Great Reset, the border, and more.

The State of the American Church — LIVE from TPUSA Faith’s Pastor’s Summit 

On this Sunday edition of The Charlie Kirk Show, enjoy Charlie’s speech from TPUSA Faith’s Pastor’s Summit, where he spoke to more than 1,200 pastors about the danger of Marxism in the modern day church and how to prevent the infiltration of woke doctrine, then answered questions from the crowd.