A Parent’s Guide For Escaping the Trans Delusion

The transgender issue is roiling every state and school district in America, but it’s also a battle for every parent with children in America. At Dream City Church in Arizona, Charlie talks to Dr. Miriam Grossman about the battle plan each parent should follow to guard their own home from the 21st century’s greatest societal poison.

Can a Church Be Too Political?

Enjoy Charlie’s conversation at Calvary South church where he discusses whether it is possible to be too political, what he’s learned from the many students he’s spoken with this year, whether a sincere Christian can be a Democrat, and more.

Where Did Western Morality Come From? – AD FREE

Enjoy Charlie’s speech live from Influence Church. He explores the real roots of “Western” morality, uncovers the college scam, calls out which Christians he believes aren’t really behaving like it, and more.

The Return of Paganism in the West: Freedom Night in America with Andrew Sedra

In Andrew Sedra’s home country of Egypt, publicly preaching the Gospel can get you imprisoned or killed. That persecution caused Andrew Sedra to flee to Australia, but now he’s finding those same anti-Christian attitudes are triumphant. Andrew and Charlie talk about the revival of ancient paganism in opposition to Christian truth, and the drive to crush Christian belief an exert total control in the name of “tolerance” and “freedom.”

Stop Caring About Your Tax Deduction: LIVE at Strong Church in Phoenix, AZ

Pastors marched with BLM and called police racist years ago, so why are so many pastors afraid to speak up on abortion, trans, or on the border? The usual answer: We’ll lose our tax deduction from the IRS. Charlie delivers a challenge at the Strong Church event, where he asks every pastor in America a simple question: Do you care more about your church’s budget or about the message of Christ?

Why Borders Are Biblical

Enjoy this Sunday episode of The Charlie Kirk Show, where Charlie speaks at Freedom House in North Carolina on the importance of borders, the dangers of unrestrained empathy, and how to protect kids from the trans movement.

The Conversation That Saved 100 Souls

After his conversation with Myles Rutherford at Dream City Church, more than a hundred people came forward to give their lives to God. Listen to Rutherford at Freedom Night in America, as he talks about the choice between letting America become a fully non-religious nation in a single generation, or rallying to revive the faith in the greatest Christian nation to ever exist.

Charlie’s First Ever Catholic Church Appearance

Charlie has spoken in countless churches during his career, but until now he’s never spoken in a parish of America’s largest Christian denomination. Charlie talks to St. Rose of Lima parish in Simi Valley, California, about the decades-long struggle of the pro-life movement, the mainstream “culture of death, and takes questions from the audience.

We Are Sick of Losing — LIVE at the Restoring National Confidence Summit 

Enjoy Charlie’s speech from Turning Point Action’s Restoring National Confidence Summit, where he calls out slothful Republicans, offers solutions for the current RNC disaster, and takes audience questions.

Why Pro-Life IS a Winning Issue — LIVE with PreBorn 

Charlie speaks at a gala dinner for PreBorn, which fights to protect the right to life of children in the womb. He reacts to the miracle of Roe v. Wade’s reversal, and the American Church’s lackluster response afterwards. Charlie asks and answers questions crucial to the life movement, like:  Why is planned parenthood still open? Is the border a pro-life issue? And is the GOP convinced pro-life is a losing issue?