THOUGHTCRIME Ep. 23 — Big Money Nikki?, Napoleon + Caeser Reboot, Conservatives’ Single Issue 

In today’s edition of THOUGHTCRIME featuring Charlie Kirk, Andrew Kolvet, Tyler Bowyer, and Jack Posobiec, the group debates questions like:

-Why are elite GOP donors rallying behind Nikki Haley?

-Why is the new Napoleon movie so awful? Why Hollywood hates the Great Man theory?

-What should be the single issue conservatives focus on?

Newsom vs DeSantis + Matt Gaetz Calls Out the GOP… Again – AD FREE

Charlie is first joined by Kurt Schlicter to unpack DeSantis V. Gavin Newsom and decide a winner, as well as discuss the utter destruction of California. Then, Rep. Matt Gaetz calls out his colleagues who were more focused on voting out George Santos than keeping their majority. He also blasts the Minot Air Force base commanders who warned airmen to steer clear of a Turning Point Action event, and why he plans to haul them before Congress.

Why Expelling the Clown George Santos is Dumber than Usual for Republicans – AD FREE

Inside the Elon vs Disney and Vivek vs Ronna Public Brawls – AD FREE

First, Michael Seifert, CEO of, joins the program to recap Elon Musk’s public GFY reubuke of Disney’s Bob Iger and all other woke advertisers who are jeopardizing the future of X. Then, Vivek Ramaswamy is on the ground in Iowa calling out why climate change is a hoax and how its being weoponized against US Farmers. He also doubles down on his calls to remove Ronna Romney as RNC Chair and his campaign.

The FISA Renewal Bombshell No One’s Talking About – AD FREE

Charlie Kirk vs. ASU – AD FREE

Ann Atkinson and Arizona State Rep. Austin Smith sit down with Charlie to dive deep into the long simmering fued between ASU, President Crow, and the Barrett Honors College and TPUSA, and yes, Charlie Kirk. Now as the state prepares to defund the far-left university for its brazen double standard and its insane class offerings, Ann and Austin explain just what’s at stake in a regional battle that has national implications. Are you okay with your college kid learning about how witchcraft actually heals or how to have intercourse with a kraken?

The Race to Iowa + Mass Rebellion in Ireland – AD FREE

First, Charlie is joined by editor-in-chief of the National Pulse, Raheem Kassam, to talk about Trump, DeSantis, Haley, and the race to the Iowa Caucuses. Should Trump’s camp manage expectations in that sate? And as Ireland’s working class continues to rise up, Brendan O’Neill, chief political writer at Spiked Online explains what’s really going on inside the Emerald Isle as the populist wave rises across the globe

BLM for Trump? Chiefs Fan in Black Face? AD FREE

Seven Disciplines of Uncommon Freedom w/ Author Kevin Tinter – AD FREE

Kevin Tinter, author of “The Seven Disciplines of Uncommon Freedom,” joins Charlie for an in-depth discussion asking the question: Why are so many Americans overweight, depressed, in debt, and unsuccessful. They unpack the Seven Disciplines outlined by Tinter that he believes will empower everyday people to overcome the perils of the modern generation.

A New China Virus + What Would Mike Davis Do as Trump’s Attorney General – AD FREE

Kash Patel joins Charlie to discuss what Biden SHOULD be doing to get the American hostages home. They also talk about the new virus reportedly spreading rapidly through China. For the second half of the episode, Mike Davis joins to unpack the radical moves from the left to ban Trump from state ballots before dishing on what he would do as Trump’s next Attorney General—a prospect the media is terrified of.