How to Defund Jack Smith with Rep. Jim Jordan- AD FREE

Is the Democrat Machine’s 2024 Plan Falling Apart? AD FREE

How Common Are Child Predators? with Victor Marx – AD FREE

“It’s beyond what you can imagine.” So says Victor Marx about one of the most horrifying phenomena of modern life: The intentional sexual abuse of young children. Victor talks to Charlie about his heroic life as a warrior for God, traveling the world to rescue children and punish the pedophiles who prey on them. Charlie and Victor dig into the causes of abuse, what allows it to happen, and how to stop it.

Joe Biden’s War on Oil…and Ceiling Fans? with Harold Hamm and Tim Stewart – AD FREE

America wasn’t born rich. It became rich thanks to the heroic efforts of hardworking people to make it so. Harold Hamm is one of those heroes. Born the last of 13 children and starting his own company at 21, Harold became a legend at getting fossil fuels out of the ground so they could power American wealth and prosperity. He joins Charlie to reflect on his career and the importance of fossil fuels to America’s future prosperity. Then, Tim Stewart of the U.S. Oil and Gas Association talks about the Biden Administration’s newly-proclaimed jihad against ceiling fans.

What is a Traitor ? + A Surprising Contender for 2024- AD FREE

Seven Counties in Three States with Rich Baris – AD FREE

How will the 2024 presidential race be decided? It will all come down to the voting decisions made by a few tens of thousands of voters, concentrated in just a handful of counties in three critical states. Charlie asks why the RNC keeps maintaining its useless, costly office in Washington when it could be deploying every cent available to winning these critical states. Rich Baris joins in with the latest polling figures on Trump after his 4th indictment and the mugshot seen ’round the world.

Is Obama a Gay Cokehead? with Jack Posobiec and Natalie Winters – AD FREE

No, that title isn’t a joke. Tucker Carlson just set social media afire with a recent interview where he accused the press of ignoring credible claims about Barack Obama’s drug use and sexuality. Jack Posobiec joins Andrew to lay out what the evidence is, and also respond to Tucker’s jarring clam that America is likely to be in a hot war with Russia within a year. Plus, Natalie Winters evaluates the new propaganda push for a return of Covid mandates, and how this intersects with China’s continued push to supplant America as the global superpower.

What Happened in Maui? What is Still Going On? with Ed Dowd, Michael Seifert and Dr. Dennis Black – AD FREE

The Maui fires were three weeks ago, but even now we don’t know what caused the fire, how many people were killed, or even how many people are still missing. Covid commentator Ed Dowd is a longtime resident of the island, and joins in with his own assessment of the tragedy. Dowd and Charlie discuss how Maui reflects the ominous future of America, where the government fails to execute on more and more basic obligations. Plus, Michael Seifert talks about Dylan Mulvaney’s repulsive persistence as a mascot of woke capital, and Dr. Dennis Black stops by to discuss pet health.

Don’t Tread on Us with Jaiden and Jack Hibbs- AD FREE

The Party of “Experts” with David Sacks – AD FREE

David Sacks made a fortune in the world of business, but now he’s becoming a louder and more assertive voice in the world of politics. David joins Charlie with harsh words for the unending disaster of the Ukraine War, and then lays out how the Democrats’ status as the “expert” party locks them into a regime that makes the same mistakes over and over. Plus, Charlie talks about his recent study of Machiavelli, and how feminism has decayed from a war against men to trying to transform women into men.