The Case That Could Flip 12 House Seats – AD FREE

Republicans currently control the U.S. House by one of the smallest margins ever, and we’ve all seen how that works out. Wouldn’t it be great if Republicans had another  couples seats — or, say, twelve of them? Charlie talks to Judge Mark Henry about a case out of Galveston, Texas that could lead to a dozen Democrat seats flipping to the right in the years to come. He also talks to New York Young Republican chief Gavin Wax about the impact of Trump’s Bronx rally.


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A Tale of Two Presidents in New York – AD FREE

My Exclusive Conversation with Speaker Mike Johnson

Where Did Western Morality Come From? – AD FREE

Enjoy Charlie’s speech live from Influence Church. He explores the real roots of “Western” morality, uncovers the college scam, calls out which Christians he believes aren’t really behaving like it, and more.

Motion to Vacate, Candace Out at Daily Wire, & Shooting Invaders? AD FREE

THOUGHTCRIME Ep. 35 — Antifa On Fire? White Rural Rage? Shoot Squatters?

In this week’s ThoughtCrime, Charlie Kirk, Jack Posobiec, Blake Neff, and Tyler Bowyer ask many important questions, including:

-What to make of that guy who burned himself up for Palestine?
-Why is the left obsessed with “white rural rage”?
-Who should win the Veepstakes?

Will Trump Make Historic Gains with Black Voters? – AD FREE

A mass shooter took a child hostage at Joel Osteen’s church before being shot dead — and the police’s top priority is making sure they get the shooter’s pronouns right. Charlie talks to Sara Gonzalez about what they’re trying to cover up, and also reflects on the GOP’s disappointing special election results so far in 2024. Plus, comedian Terrence Williams talks about his new pancake brand that is trying to offset the unfortunate erasure of Aunt Jemima.

The J6 Pipe Bomb Narrative Blows Up – AD FREE

For three years, theories about the J6 pipe bombs have been a “conspiracy theory.” But now, the narrative is crumbling thanks to new footage released by Rep. Thomas Massie. Original pipe bomb critic Darren Beattie joins to lay out the big picture an explain why this new footage is so crucial and paves the way for even more explosive revelations.