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  • Hey Charlie. (You don’t have to play this on your show since it’s not really a question!) Just wanted to tell you that I listen to conservative podcasts all day long and have for a while. Obviously I listen to you. I’m a Daily Wire member and listen to Candace and Matt Walsh, sometimes Ben. I also listen to Mark Levin and Dan Bongino, and occasionally Glenn Beck. Occasionally Jack Posobiec. I try to get all kinds of conservative perspectives because frankly I don’t always trust my own judgment or feel like I have to solid understanding of what’s going on in our government. But out of everyone I listen to, I trust your insight the most. I feel you have such God given wisdom, and I also can very much tell that your words and your whole attitude are guided by the Holy Spirit. Of course I know you are just a human being and you’re not going to get it right every time, but the fact that I can sense the Holy Spirit in you enables me to really trust your judgment. We all feel angry over what’s happening to our country…I personally feel almost a sense of hopelessness because it’s no longer seeming America is free…but you are incredibly wise to not join in on the heated emotion and simply ask very appropriate questions. Cool, thoughtful heads need to prevail! So while you are catching heat from conservatives who are standing behind Matt Gaetz, just know that there are some of us who 1000000% agree with your outlook. I can’t think of any political area where I differ from you about whatever is going on at the moment. So I just wanted to thank you and let you know I’m praying for you, as I’m sure many other of your listeners are as well. You are a genuine gift to conservatives both inside and outside of the political world.

    It’s a joy to support you and TP, and I’m so grateful for the impact you have had on our young people. I have 5 kids- 2 out of college, 2 in college, and 1 in high school, and I can say with certainty that your voice is so needed. Please keep up the good work! And congratulations on your precious baby girl- I realize I’m a little late in offering that but even so, I’m thrilled for you and your beautiful wife to experience the joy of parenthood. It’s the best thing you will ever do in this world- I promise you that.

    Thanks again for all you do, Charlie. Try not to let any criticism or negativity get to you. You’re a warrior for America and for truth and we all know it. God bless you!

    Missi Wimberly

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