Is America No Longer Exceptional? with Curtis Yarvin – AD FREE

Has America gone mildly astray from its principles, or is it radically off-track? Is America still exceptional? Was it EVER exceptional? And if America is to be made great again, what could Republican
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One response to “Is America No Longer Exceptional? with Curtis Yarvin – AD FREE

  • I love being able to argue and disagree and still like each other or be friends, man could we all just do this. I literally have lost 2 friends this week (their choice do to my vote fro Trump and me attending a Don’t Mess with your Kids Rally). I Cna’t even disagree now with the Executive Committee of the Park County GOP right now without being shunned and people now turning heir nose up at me. So I love that Curtis started with that.

    My place is one of those amazing places and is not a shit hole yet, but I totally agree cause I slowly see it coming. Even in a school of a couple hundred people they are grooming our kids, our Sheriff doesn’t follow the constitution to 100%, but I am in the rural area of Colorado. The city is absolutely falling apart and Dem’s and many Republicans dont even want to acknowledge it.

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