Kyle Rittenhouse Reacts to Memphis Mayhem – AD FREE

The Memphis antifa mob did its best to intimidate Kyle Rittenhouse. Unsurprisingly, they failed. Kyle joins the show for an interview about what happened, and the sinister behavior by university offic
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One response to “Kyle Rittenhouse Reacts to Memphis Mayhem – AD FREE

  • So so sad to hear such twisted ludicrous yelling Kyle. You don’t deserve it and I’m praying the Lord protects your heart from becoming jaded and bitter. Thank-you for your courage, your perseverance, your passion of caring more for other’s welfare than your own. It encouraged my deeply troubled heart seeing you gently yet powerfully standing against the abuses in Memphis. Young men like yourself are more precious than rubies or gold in the sight of God, willing to say and do what’s noble, honorable, true, and oh so praiseworthy. God bless you Kyle Rittenhouse, Thank-you for continuing to go above and beyond against the evil that wants to destroy everyone of us by writing your book. Thank-you, thank-you. Please do not lose heart while doing good. Keep yourself around good and honest people who love you openly. You must not be distracted by the chaos. You have to know God is a God of order and He will never leave you nor forsake you. You will be blessed. Stay in His word dearest young warrior, keep His word and hide it in your heart. It will always guide you. Sincerely your northern Illinois neighbor and prayer supporter.
    Rebecca Kurtz

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