“Low-Propensity” Voters Will Make Or Break Trump 2024 – AD FREE

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One response to ““Low-Propensity” Voters Will Make Or Break Trump 2024 – AD FREE

  • As the People’s Convention is ending today, and as it has been building for a long time, all the media, including the alternative conservative outlets like The Charlie Kirk Show and Bannon’s War Room are in the process of crushing Conservative voter turnout in 2024. YOU, other conservatives, and all mainstream media are pushing that TRUMP WILL WIN, solely based on untrustworthy polls. Why should youth, Blacks, and all new conservative voters vote AT ALL if he is a shoo-in, AS YOU KEEP PROMOTING. All this BS about the polls will hurt turnout, just as all of the talk about the RED WAVE did in 2022. BUT YOU REFUSE TO SEE IT. You can’t go on and on about the Trump Victory polls, without always always always telling people the ONLY WAY TRUMP WINS IS IF ALL THESE POLLED VOTERS ACTUALLY VOTE. What good does it do for TP Action to try to “Chase the VOTE,” if you constantly discourage Conservatives to vote by only talking about the favorable polls. It’s fine to report the results of the polls, BUT YOU MUST ALWAYS say: “POLLS DON’T VOTE!!” Use it as a catch phrase…Or…. “Polls Don’t matter, if you DON’t vote!” I am withholding any future donations to TPAction & TPUSA until you stop promoting the polls and start promoting voting. You may think you’re already doing it, but most of your time is spent talking about the polls instead of telling people they must vote.

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