Make Joe Biden Into Benjamin Harrison

As the world’s oldest continually-functioning constitutional republic, few things are unprecedented in American politics. Even the pending rematch between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, while a first w
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  • “Eliminate the Senate Filibuster”
    I love the sentiments and the comparison, as far as it goes. Of course there are major differences as well; the entire world is being divided on globalist vs National populist lines and the US is just one of these key elections. But it is likely THE key to a global resurgence of the nation state and the globalist foes are leaving as little as possible to chance as you have so well documented in recent weeks. The Democrat party has nationalized the upcoming election by presidential edict, the entire globalist agenda has been brought to bear by media, invasion of our borders and a largely feckless Republican Party is doing little to oppose or is complicit in the global drive to “fundamentally remake” America. Our chances of actually having a November 2024 election are now in credible doubt for the first time in our nations history.
    But, if the good people of this nation manage to overcome these prodigious obstacles and re-elect Donald Trump to a second term for the second time, there is one legislative move that will give his presidency and our nation a fighting chance to dial back the deluge of globalism we are facing: it is time to rescind/eliminate the US Senate filibuster. It was clear that in 2020, that was the Democrat plan, but Joe Manchin stood strong against it (likely with Kristin Sinema in support). Mitch McConnell has clearly opposed its removal as a last ditch effort to “maintain civility” in the upper house of the legislature, but he has also is moving out of the way as Senate Republican leader.
    If the Republicans do not act preemptively to eliminate the filibuster, no significant legislation will pass into law and we will spend 4 more years playing “presidential whack a mole” via executive orders that will be systematically uprooted in the next Democrat Presidency, AND the next Democrat senate majority will CERTAINLY eliminate the filibuster and immediately nationalize elections, pack the Supreme Court, add additional States and effectively end two party governance in our nation.
    If Conservative Constitutionalists (Republicans who have not capitulated to globalism) can eliminate the Senate filibuster in 2025, we can pass laws not so easily stymied by liberal judges (assuming a best case scenario in the legislature) that can actually “roll back” the global agenda that is on the verge of destroying America, not merely “placeholder” it’s inexorable rolling tide. We can pass budgetary, immigration, foreign policy and other Constitutionally aligned legislation into law that will turn Trumps delayed second term into a referendum on the American Experiment, not a 4 year interlude for the terrorists hell bent on destroying our once great nation to reload and prepare the “coup de grace” or “final solution” on America.
    It is time (if we indeed get the opportunity) for bold action to save our Republic and eliminating the senate filibuster is the key to such action.
    (I have wanted to make this point on member calls but haven’t been able to join to date- I’m a Member and lead the Myrtle Beach TPFaith chapter. God bless your hard work and may He deliver us for another season of revival and national existence).

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