Motion to Vacate, Candace Out at Daily Wire, & Shooting Invaders? AD FREE

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3 responses to “Motion to Vacate, Candace Out at Daily Wire, & Shooting Invaders? AD FREE

  • Charlie – You are maturing so handsomely, great haircut and outfit. Your look is pleasant for such a news cycle at 3/22/24. I almost can’t bare another day of this congress. Is Mike Johnson now facing blackmail sex scandals? This bill is inexcusably reprehensible. No excuse – NONE that could have forced our house majority to approve this bill other than complicit intention to destroy the nation. They all have committed treason against America and We The People are helplessly watching.
    You keep saying citizens must speak up but no amount of emails and phone calls to DC have mattered. I’m struggling to agree with your positivity anymore. I’m seeing more signs of end times and the fall of America from all directions that James Lindsay articulated for three hours with Rogan recently. It was brilliant and I hope you have at least listened to the final 45 minutes. James not only recited by heart several verses from Matthew 7, he also had researched the Greek meaning of the words narrow is the gate and few will enter. Powerfully exciting and Rogan was spellbound and also claimed he believes we’re living in biblical times. Woa all Praise to Jesus!
    I agree that from the border patrol leaving our border undefended to everything the house just passed spells destruction to this land. Come Jesus Come and allow us to be effective to save souls around us.

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