The Boy Scouts Didn’t Die. They Were Murdered.

For a century, hundreds of America’s most accomplished and inspiring men had something in common: They were Eagle Scouts. Neil Armstrong. Gerald Ford. Sam Walton. Steven Spielberg. Too many senat
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4 responses to “The Boy Scouts Didn’t Die. They Were Murdered.

  • Agree with Charlie’s statement. As a lifelong old school feminist, I have also been an advocate for boys and exclusively boy spaces. If we leave boys behind, we leave girls behind. My husband, brother, and brother-in-law are all Eagle Scouts from our local troop, which produces the most Eagles in the country. My sons are now part of the troop so I’m seeing what has stayed the same and what has changed. The troop has a girls troop, which I was against, but at least they are separate. In addition to everything Charlie states, I think the decline in Boy Scouts also stems from the increased singular focus on sports. Modern sports culture is individualistic vs. group/societally oriented and comes at a cost to an educated populace with kids being admitted into colleges based on filling sports teams no one cares about instead of on academic merit. (If certain colleges let in male basketball and football players to increase their bottom line so be it as those sports make big money for colleges – but other sports do not.) Sports teams will soon by purchased by private equity and futures (derivates) are already bet on. My family loves watching sports as much as every other American, but remember panem at circenses. The American obsession with sports – especially young kids in sports – needs to be tempered.

  • Agree completely, boys need to learn to be MEN. The Boy Scouts has always been that pathway, along with strong fathers in the homes!

  • Very sad. I had no idea any of this had happened. I loved Girl Scouts and I knew many boys in Boy Scouts. I’m glad to hear Eagle Scouts is still a thing. Maybe 4H clubs can help. I can’t believe they went completely woke. Sad & intensional.

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