The Plot to Replace Joe Biden – AD FREE

Joe Biden is old, he is feeble, he is clueless…he is gone? Monica Crowley thinks so. The host of the Monica Crowley Podcast explains why she thinks the First Fossil and Vice President Kamala Harris
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One response to “The Plot to Replace Joe Biden – AD FREE

  • Good show Charlie I am amazed how the deep state has gotten alway with this the last generations especially the BB fell asleep at the wheel including myself we vote and go home come back 4 years latter and repeat didn’t even think about local politics we are paying the price now . what I am witnessing what the deep state has been doing to keep power especially my state Massachusetts, 2020 election it was 30% trump 70% Biden i didn’t know anyone that voted for Biden in Massachusetts that’s when I made my decision to start voting, state and local

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