The Sad Failures of Speaker Johnson – AD FREE

Charlie was eager to give Speaker Mike Johnson a chance. But after six months in charge, it's clear that Johnson's tenure has ended only in disappointment. FISA is renewed, with no warrants needed. An
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3 responses to “The Sad Failures of Speaker Johnson – AD FREE

  • Hi Charlie, as a common citizen what can we do? I am so disgusted with all of this. I am so mad about the justice system being used in such a horrible way most of all. I pray , I support the issues I believe in, by voting and contacting my representation but I don’t see anything changing. The people in prison for Jan 6th is unreal! The attacks on President Trump is beyond belief! I don’t know where we would be without voices like yours…

  • I agree with your assessment of Speaker Johnson……..BUT, JACK HIBBS today asked Christians for pray for Speaker Johnson……that he learned from Intercessors that Johnson NEEDS prayer to keep his job as Speaker, that this assault is a demonic plan to remove speaker Johnson.

    I know that you are very close to Pastor Hibbs………how do you respond to this request for prayer to keep Speaker as leader of the Reps.?

    My response? I’m praying that God WILL have His way in this situation, I’m not praying for Speaker Johnson!

    Jeanne Goodin

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